The two noticeboards in the wood were provided by The Friends many years ago, and we noticed a few months ago that the one at the Crematorium entrance to the wood was looking in need of some serious TLC – moldy inside and rotting on the back. So we removed it for a short while and refurbished it. It’s now sporting a rather fetching nature-friendly green colour. Hopefully this preservative will keep it in good condition for some years.

Co-incidentally, and on a rather sour note, just a couple of weeks later, someone vandalised the other noticeboard, the one in the middle of the wood. It seems that they opened the door and then tore it off, taking a good part of the frame with it. And then completed the job by ripping all the notices off . Nice people. I doubt if anyone was witness to this, but if they were, please let us know.

We’ve now put back together as best we can for the moment but it probably needs some longer term attention.


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