Many of us have quite an attachment to the wood, its flora and fauna and the feelings that a woodland setting can give us. Perhaps you’ve been inspired to write something by the wood, or have taken a photograph there that you particularly love, or created a painting or drawing? Why not share it with others who love Oakley Wood?

It could be anything

  • A poem that you have written or read
  • A digital image
  • A piece of writing
  • Something you’ve created from things you found in the wood
  • Something you found on the Internet that makes you think of wonderful time spent in the wood

If you have something you’d like to share email  and we’ll publish your inspiration here on the Friends of Oakley Wood website. You can see how others have been inspired here.

2 thoughts on “Inspired?”

  1. It has been some time since we visited Oakley woods with the dogs and we have not always found it to be easy walking or particularly welcoming although we are a “Friend” of Oakley.
    But what a change! The new way-marked trail was a delight and encouraged us to delve deeper still. Oakley looks like becoming our regular haunt for walking the “boys”. We love the website too. Congratulations!

    Judy and Tony Hutchinson, Wellesbourne

    1. Thank you Judy and Tony.Your comments are much appreciated by the group.It is a mud bath up there at the moment but so is everywhere else when you have dogs!! Roll on the spring with it’s bluebells and wood anemones.
      Wendy Barlow(Chair)

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