We’ve put together a collection of pictures representing the best of Oakley Wood. All the pictures have been taken in the wood, so it’s not just a tantalising view of what you could see in the wood, but also serves as a record of what has been seen and photographed over the years.

The gallery is divided into a number of categories: animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and fungi, so it’s primarily a catalogue of wildlife. But the attraction of Oakley Wood isn’t just in its flora and fauna, it can also just be a peaceful place that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature. So we’ve also included a place for pictures that show this – perhaps artistic, mood, scenery, etc – the sort of pictures that would make others think “That’s somewhere I’d like to go”.

If you take a good picture of flora or fauna that’s not already included in our gallery, or just a photo of the wood that you think we’d like, then you’re invited to send it to us. Send them to for our consideration – no promises though, and as they say, the editor’s decision is final! If we do decide to include anything, then we’ll include your name with it. For anything you send us you will be confirming it’s your work and you are giving us the right to show it on the website.

Click on the links below to see pictures in the various categories:

Butterflies and moths
Trees & plants