Paths – fallen trees and (no) cycling

Warwick District Council who own the wood have asked that anyone coming across a newly fallen tree that is blocking a path or dangerously overhanging it to report it to them. Send them an email to with a description of where it is. Without information being provided by the public it may take time for WDC to become aware of these problems.

To help identify the location, you can make use of the maps we’ve provided on this website. A general description can be provided using the map here, but for a more precise location try using OS coordinates referring to this map. By interpolating the grid eastings and northings, you can identify accurately any point within a grid. For example, the location of the noticeboard at the main ride junction is 430550,259315, and the pond on the south ride is 430640,259020. GPS coordinates are not so useful because within the wood they may be not too accurate. Also there’s no easy way to translate GPS coordinates to our map, which is the most accurate map of the wood that is available and the only one to show the paths.

While we’re on the subject of paths, in response to a recent enquiry from a member of the public, WDC have confirmed that the designation of Oakley Wood as a Green Space means that cycling is not permitted anywhere within the wood. There are places where paths have been damaged by the construction of BMX-style ramps and obstacles. We hope this will stop. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is looking into repairing this in their winter working party activities.

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  1. I believe that is does i.e. not allowed. Horse riding is permitted on paths designated as bridleways and there aren’t any in the wood.

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