View of Oakley Wood

Walking routes

There are two official walking routes in the wood, red and blue, marked by suitably coloured arrows at various points. Both start from the small car park at the entrance to the crematorium.

The blue route is the shorter, at 2 km in length. The red route follows the periphery of wood and is 3 km in length.

Most of both routes are on compacted surface paths, which are reasonably accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs in most types of weather. However, both routes also include sections that are not surfaced (shown dotted on the map) and probably not suitable for them.

The  dotted red section is uneven and can be muddy. It can be bypassed by using the black and blue surfaced paths as shown. The dotted blue section is unsurfaced but generally good. Neither dotted section can be recommended for wheeled access.

A printable version of this map is available here.