Trailcam update 6

The trailcam has captured quite a bit of video over the summer, and I’ve had to split the clip compilations in two because I don’t have enough memory in my computer for the video editor to create a single video from all this. In any case, because the camera has been capturing  different subjects in two different parts of the wood , separate videos also looks appropriate.

The order of these two updates is a bit confused because the clip dates overlap, but I’ve put this one first as the other has the latest material.

In this update the camera was in the south part of the wood in a glade of wild cherry trees. When the fruit falls it’s feeding time. At its height there was almost continuous activity, particularly overnight, and the memory card got full very quickly. Interestingly there wasn’t a single sight of a roe deer the whole time, just muntjac (or should I say munchjac, since that’s all they seem to do). I thought perhaps roe deer don’t eat fruit, but the info on the internet says they do – apparently just not here.

Anyway, the video is here.

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