Bird listening in Oakley Wood

On Sunday June 18 th the Friends of Oakley Wood and interested parties were treated to a bird listening walk, led by Colin Potter. Colin is a renowned Ornithologist, a charismatic speaker, who through his studies, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of of British wildlife and its habitats.

The day was hot and sunny, but the birds obliged and Colin identified many species by their song. To see the birds in the leafy canopy was not easy, even with binoculars. We heard the very loud song of the wren, the sweet song of robins and blackcaps, the “quick quick quick” of the nuthatch, the “sweet sweet” of the coal tit the sharp loud “wit wit” of the greater spotted woodpecker, the chiffcaff, the goldcrest and several other birds.

We heard the air predator alert that some birds make to alert the arrival or over flying of a bird of prey—in this case a Kestrel. Colin pointed out a small hole in a tree which was most probably a nuthatch nest.

We learnt a great deal and hope that Colin will return for a winter listening walk, when he hopes he may find a woodcock, and it should be easier to see the birds.

Nuthatch image by Gavin Clarke. CC-BY-NC

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