The Ephemeral Seat

I made a seat for the wood from brash that was lying about, mostly just to see if I could. No screws or nails, just jointed wood. It seemed OK and surprisingly strong, so I put it on the southern ride in lieu of something more official from WDC (we have yet to ask) – someone’s weary limbs might find it useful.

I did wonder how long it would last, especially since it wasn’t fixed down. The answer was: not very long, about a week.

Now you se-at…
… and now you don’t

Perhaps the elves of Oakley Wood objected to its presence, but if anyone does spot it, please let me know.

One thought on “The Ephemeral Seat”

  1. That’s brilliant use of local materials- and looks comfy enough. Just wish it was still in place! G

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