Trail Camera update 3

It’s been a while since I last posted a trail cam update, largely because it’s been a pretty barren period with nothing much to report. Since the last update I moved the camera to another part of the wood (towards the northern end) to see a different animal population, tried various places but as yet haven’t found a very productive spot. Coupled with a battery failure which wasted weeks and it adds up to really not much to show.

This new part of the wood does I think show a different muntjac family. The buck has complete antlers, whereas the previous one we saw gradually lost them during the pictures that were captured (although I don’t know anything about when they may regrow them). The fawn is also different, and must belong to a different doe from the previous one as they have a seven month gestation period. This part of the wood has turned up no roe deer or badgers, but some foxes and definitely too many squirrels.

Anyway, this is some of the little I got…

I thought the night time infra-red LEDs were invisible but they actually glow a dull red, and you can see that some animals are disturbed by them.

I’ve just moved the camera again and baited it with some windfall fruit from the garden. Now that winter is approaching perhaps this will produce better results.

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  1. Thanks a lot. Your efforts are appreciated. It is great to see the animals who are hiding when we visit.

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