Be a responsible dog owner

Dogs are very welcome in Oakley Wood and it’s a wonderful place to walk your dog. But please be a responsible and considerate dog owner. Be sure to clean up any dog mess—there are bins at several of the entrances where dog mess can be disposed of.

Please also take care to keep your dog under proper control and do not allow it to cause a nuisance to other visitors or those living near to the wood. Several of our neighbours keep livestock, and there has sadly been an incident recently in which livestock has been killed by a dog. A dog not under proper control also poses a threat to wildlife in the wood, and a danger to the surrounding roads.

We hope you and your dog enjoy your visit to Oakley Wood!


One thought on “Be a responsible dog owner”

  1. I have just visited Oakley Wood for the first time to look for and photograph fungi. I found a good number but the visit was spoiled by the huge amount of dog mess. It is everywhere, and I am not exaggerating! In spite of taking care I managed to step in 2 lots within half an hour. Obviously your request above is generally ignored, as is the notice threatening a fine of up to £1000 for not clearing up. If you want to photograph flowers or fungi you often need to kneel down; do so at your peril here! If I go again I shall take a change of shoes and clothing as well as some wet wipes. If anyone takes small children they would not want them to run free round her. What a shame!

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