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The newly surfaced path around and through the wood last year has met with almost universal approval, and is allowing more people to enjoy what the wood has to offer. But with this has come requests for some form of seating so that they may take a break – 3km is quite a long walk for less able legs. Some may just want to be able to sit awhile and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. 

Most nature reserves have some form of seating, and we think it would be a good idea to have some here. So this is your opportunity to give your opinion. Do you want seating of some form? If so, what kind? Alternatively, it’s a perfectly valid opinion to feel that seating is inappropriate for Oakley Wood. Let us know – add your comments below. The Friends will consolidate the feedback and present it to Warwick District Council as genuine public opinion.

Bear in mind that seating comes with a cost; the more expensive it is the less likely it is to happen. The least expensive option would be log seating i.e. trunks of some of the felled trees, and this has been proposed by WDC. Any form of constructed seats or benches would be more expensive and come with an installation and maintenance cost. It may be possible to obtain a grant to install this kind of seating, but WDC would inevitably be landed with the ongoing maintenance cost, and there’s every indication that they would not be willing to do this. Nevertheless, if that’s what the public would like, then there’s no reason that we can’t tell them that. That is one of the purposes of The Friends – to represent the users of the wood.

12 thoughts on “Seats – have your say”

  1. I do feel that some “simple” seating would be good – say two upright logs with a piece of wood between them for sitting on would be appropriate. There must be few people who would just love to sit for a short while and take in the lovely sights and sounds. It does not have to cost a fortune – perhaps the “wood” could provide the timber and “DIY people” could make them up.

  2. As someone who is struggling to walk any distance at the moment I would welcome seats at reasonably regular intervals. Maybe a mixture of natural logs, which wouldn’t suit me as they would be too low, and benches so that the walk can be planned appropriately.
    Could the maintenance be something the volunteers could take on?

  3. I thought for a while that seating would be a good idea. Ideally proper wooden benches but if this proves too costly, benches made out of two pieces of tree trunk set apart with planks of wood spanning them would be satisfactory.

  4. Comment from Graham Collis:
    This would be much appreciated by many and me for one as I’m needing to take a break when walking our dogs. This due to an old one and two younger ones and me with knee issues now at 73. On Monday had a break sat on the only stump available on the top track. Great to be able to take in the sounds and smells of the wood especially at this time of the year. Thinking that a couple of lengths of natural tree trunk upright dropped into bore holes and a plank of same screwed/bolted to top. Simple with little maintenance, taken from existing woodland. Don’t need fancy seating, not appropriate for Oakley Wood.

  5. I am not in favour of formal seating as this does not reflect the woodland habitat. I would not object to the occasional log which could be used for seating.

  6. (Edited) I would agree with using a few previous felled trees but strongly disagree putting manufactured benches around the wood.

  7. I feel rustic simple log seating would be very welcome for the less able to enjoy the sights & sounds of Oakley Woods.

  8. Comment from Lindsey Page-Sutton:
    I feel quite strongly that if there is any seating at all then it must be completely natural and in keeping with the environment. Logs would be ideal. I really don’t want to see man-made benches dotted around that lovely place. Also it might encourage groups of youngsters or rough sleepers which is quite a worry for female walkers such as myself.
    So if seats really need to be provided then its logs all the way for me.

  9. I feel it would be a bonus to be able to pause… not just to rest up , tho this might be important for some of us, but also to encourage listening quietly. I’d be happy with tree trunks with a flat surface to perch on . Important to peg firmly into the ground both sides so that they can’t be rolled around. 4 would allow sensible spacing around the wood. Graham

  10. I concur with most of the comments. If some naturally felled tree trunks could be obtained, as others have already said and used to form some simple, stable seating but in keeping with the natural environment, this would be acceptable and give those needing a rest somewhere to sit and help keep it accessible to many. Also hopefully keep the cost down. I personally don’t feel that any other type or structure of bench would be appropriate for the wood.

  11. A few inconspicuous logs as seating would be great, nothing more. It will start to feel like a park and people could congregate. Also, not felling trees for this purpose and find/wait for some pre existing wood. It’s counter productive if you have to cut down large trees just to create seating.

  12. This is really excellent news re seating – resting perches etc!!
    I have on several, if not on many an ocassion brought this subject into the arena – and this is the very first time this has been properly addressed.
    Logs – as they are already there after all (!!) – and, are just fine – even tree stumps – as I too have walking challeneges these days, sadly.

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