Trailcam update 11 – a year by the pond

This latest video of trailcam clips is set in the context of how the water level in the pond varies over the course of a year (the only sounds on the video are the natural sounds picked up by the camera). The wildlife on show are the usual suspects but that doesn’t prevent us enjoying seeing them again.

The water level was getting so low towards the end of the summer that there was a concern that the pond could dry up completely, as it did some years ago.

In the spring of 2022 it looked like this:

but by the end of the summer it was as if the tide had gone out:

but by spring 2023 it was back up to full strength:

Finally, a renewed plea for owners to try to keep their dogs out of the pond. This has been requested a number of times in the past but the camera shows it’s not being very successful; in fact, with the apparent increase in dogs being walked it seems to be getting more frequent.

So please be considerate to the wildlife and try to avoid the pond.

A line from one of the Jurassic Park movies has stuck with me. In one scene, the aging owner of the park disagrees with the statement that “the dinosaurs need our protection” by replying “they don’t need our protection, they need our absence”.  This struck me as being equally valid for real wildlife as for dinosaurs. We need to give our wildlife as much space as we can.


2 thoughts on “Trailcam update 11 – a year by the pond”

  1. I’ve been a regular visitor to the woods for the past 3+ years, but wasn’t aware of this website — perhaps signage in the actual woods around the car park might be a better way to educate dog owners about avoiding the pond (and also encourage them to pick up their mess!)

  2. Our website is mentioned (albeit as an afterthought) on the WDC/WWT information boards at the entrances to the wood, and also on the two notice boards in the wood itself. There were also signs on the entrance gates at one time, but these don’t seem to last long. We obviously could do better. I’ll bring it up at our next meeting.

    As for dogs, that’s an ongoing battle. We have tried various signs near the pond, but they also don’t last long and are of questionable effect. In another recent comment, someone questioned whether dogs should be in the wood at all. Well, we must remember that while WWT do manage the wood as a nature reserve, ultimately it’s owned by WDC as a public amenity. It’s a compromise. Lower Leam Valley in Leamington is the same. I’d like to think most people feel it works pretty well.

    Also dog poo: we found that putting up signs to indicate where the poo bins are did have a positive result. But, let’s face it, it’s largely a matter of good behaviour – those who pick up usually don’t need to be told, those who don’t pick up usually won’t be told.

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