Woodland Management Work 2021/22 – the continuing story

Many of you will already have seen the notices in the wood about the thinning operations this autumn, and these have already started. They are a second phase of the work begun last year, and essentially continue the removal of conifers from the wood. The map below shows the areas that are being worked on.

Many users of the wood will be dismayed by the prospect of more disruption. However, there is a commitment to leave less of a mess and damage this time, following the large number of complaints following last year’s operations. Starting earlier in the season while the wood was dry was one measure to achieve this, although the recent rain is unfortunate and will not have helped. In the WDC press release relating to the work, Councillor Alan Rhead said “I am aware of the concerns expressed by expressed by regular users about the condition the Wood was left in after the last round of work; consequently, I will be liaising closely with the managers to ensure (my emphasis) that this next round of work leaves the Wood as the pleasant recreational location enjoyed by so many of our residents“.

So we will see. But we do need to remember that brash will be left regardless and (unofficial) paths likely lost under it. The leaving of brash and deadwood is deliberate – it is estimated that deadwood, standing or lying, supports more species than living trees. It also protects the regenerating growth from animal browsing.