Maintenance work in Oakley Wood

George Green from WWT has informed me that the much delayed thinning operations planned for this autumn are at last due to start in the next couple of weeks. Please take care in the wood and follow the signs that will be appearing.

The normal winter working parties will still be going ahead this year, as they are permitted  within the current lockdown rules regarding volunteering and charitable activities. However, as they say, conditions will apply.  Apart from obvious need for social distancing , work will be split into parties of six to stay within the rule-of-six, and there will be extra measures regarding the use of equipment. The most disappointing aspect is however that the highlight of the morning – coffee, tea and biscuits – will no longer be provided (in line with the Government’s continuing “Make life miserable” policy); you will have to bring your own. It is essential that you contact George Green () beforehand if you plan to attend. George can provide more details if needed. Anyone turning up without informing George first will be turned away.

The first working party will be this Sunday, 8th November, too short notice for anyone to attend who has not already signed up. I will post future dates when I get them.

5 thoughts on “Maintenance work in Oakley Wood”

  1. Thinning – don’t think so. This is not wood management. Just a company wanting to take all the conifers to sell. No planning involved. How close to the crematorium is this going to continue. Footpaths destroyed and wildlife will find it hard to hide from predators – disgusting!!
    I pity anyone who wants quiet time in the garden when scattering their loved ones ashes.
    A total disgrace!

  2. Devastated to see utter destruction at Oakley Wood today. It doesn’t look like thinning or conservation it’s just been bulldozed. The noise pollution from the Motorway and road is now so uncomfortable it’s no longer a pleasant walk. Terrible, terrible decision and one of my favourite walks is now gone. Someone should be ashamed, it’s also no longer a nice place to have ashes spread. All the lovely paths cross crossing the wood are gone. No point in ever going back. Shame.

  3. Yes, parts of the wood do indeed look awful at the moment, like a war zone. But it’s definitely thinning and it’s definitely planned. I’ve looked around the wood a number of times, and as far as I can see the work is accurately keeping to the plan (see original post “Oakley Wood Management – 2019/20”).

    The contractors are avoiding using the main rides, and where they have damaged them due to inevitable crossing, they are required to make good when they are finished. We need to make sure they do. Other “unofficial” paths through the wood are fair game though. After the last thinning in 2014 many paths were lost, but new ones were created. Informal paths come and go all the time, that’s just the way it is in a wood.

    Remember this is a long-term plan to revert the wood to mainly broad-leaved trees. It took a number of years for the wood to recover from the last thinning operations and I don’t expect this to be much different. The expression about omelettes and breaking eggs is quite appropriate here.

    1. Chris,

      Unfortunitly I have to agree with the above comments. It takes a life time for broad leave trees to establish and become as big as the trees that have been cut down. Warwickshire has very limited amount of woodland and efforts should be made on planting trees’s to create new woodland not reduce what we already have.
      How long do you want to wait for your omelette?
      regardless of all the arguments about regeneration we now face a very long time with a very reduced woodland which due to it’s relatively small size can no longer hide the roads from view or noise. It’s a real shame. I’m sure this was done for good intention however it has upset many people who loved the peacefulness of this once loverly place.
      inadvertently friends of Oakley wood have spoiled this wood. However loverly your post are and I’m sure done with the best intentions it has attracted more and more people which is a success in one way but very detrimental in another as this site isn’t big enough for the amount of users you have managed to attract and unfortunately not all of them treat the site with respect it deserves. Don’t worry Snowdon has the same problem on a even bigger scale. Some things are best left alone especially nature.

      The theory that you express is correct BUT Oakley Wood was bought & saved for local benefit. The devastation caused is in part the abdication of responsibility by all organisations involved.
      1. The excessive contractor damage not remeditated (it may be that the contract was lacking this instruction to make good which case someone should be repremanded).
      2. WDC appears to have abdicated responsibility for providing walks for all inc those with walking difficulties, who were well served.
      3. Warwickshire Wild Life who appear to have excessively prioritised wild life needs to the disadvantage of people. A more balanced approach is demanded.
      4. Friends of Oakley Wood have allowed this devastation to happen.

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