Winter Task Day 15 December – more coppicing

George Green has sent me the following about the task day:

To avoid the Christmas break the next volunteer session at Oakley Wood will be on Sunday 15 December. Fear not … Mince Pies will be supplied! We will meet at the Loading Bay access off of the B4100 Banbury Road at around 10:00 am.   

The task will be a continuation of last month’s session, but may also involve some felling of larger trees (with hand tools) and some limited use of power tools. If anybody is interested in undertaking brush cutter training or has received training and would like to use a brush cutter then please let me know. From previous feedback I have received, part of the reason people like to volunteer is the peace and quiet in the woods on a Sunday morning. Bearing this in mind, whilst I would like to use power tools where necessary to aid the management, where they are used I will limit this to a small part of each session.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 15th.

As usual, please let George know in advance  (details here) if you plan to come along.

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