Trail Camera update

I moved the camera and suddenly was capturing lots of animal activity! It turned out that I’d accidentally placed it near a wild cherry tree – it seems that everything likes cherries. So with all this material I’ve put together a couple more compilations (the first turned out a bit long , but I didn’t have the time to re-edit it – sorry).

The camera has now been in the wood for about ten weeks, moved occasionally (but within the same 50m area) and has probably seen everything that is there to see that is large enough to trigger it – the inventory is roe deer, muntjac, badger, fox, squirrel, jay, magpie, blackbird, thrush. The internet tells me that both the roe deer and muntjac are solitary and territorial, so I’d guess that we are probably seeing the same deer all the time (to me the bucks look as if they could be the same, from their antlers). So I think it’s time to move the camera to a completely different part of the wood, possibly near another cherry tree if I can find one.

Incidentally, this bargain-basement camera (under £50) has turned out to be not bad – and still running on the same 4 x AA batteries.


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