Wildlife videos

Photos of the wildlife that can be seen, or at least has been seen at one time or another, can be found in the photo Showcase here.

I post occasional video compositions from our trail camera in the wood (fortunately we have a replacement for the one stolen in 2020) but here I’ve assembled a more directly accessible record of the various animals captured on video. The quality of the new camera is clear (I noticed that it’s the same as the ones used on Springwatch). It also records good sound, so turn up the volume when you play the clips.

When you’ve finished playing a clip, just click outside the video window to close it.

Fallow deer

Fallow deer have appeared occasionally in the wood since 2018 (according to the camera). They are the largest but least numerous of the deer in the wood. The most obvious way to tell them apart from Roe deer is that they have tail (Roe don’t really have one), with black stripes on either side. The bucks also have much bigger antlers.

In 2020 there were a group of two bucks and a doe frequently seen by the pond:
2020-07-16 Frisky buck
2020-07-23 All three
2020-07-29 Two bucks

2021-05-21 Young buck nervous about the IR light from the camera.

Roe deer

2021-03-21 Roebuck in recently logged area
2021-03-30 Doe with suitors
2021-05-14 Really young looking doe, lovely colours


Easily the commonest deer in the wood and very frequently seen on camera.

2021-02-26 Buck
2021-04-20 Buck testing his log-throwing skills
2021-05-30 Doe and buck at pond
2021-06-25 Buck scent marking. Look at his mouth and you can just see his impressive canine teeth. A dog barking alerts him.


Fox captures with the new camera are a bit lacking at the moment, hence some old ones.

2017-08-13 Fox finding something to eat in front of the camera – not anything I’d put there
2021-06-09 Fox with take-away (and slo-mo replay)


Most animals in the wood can at least sometimes during the day, and I’ve chosen the daytime clips where available. Not so for our badgers.

2021-04-11 By the pond


2020-09-22 Tawny owl
2021-04-13 Buzzard
2021-04-23 Blue tit perhaps confusing the camera for a nesting box

Updated by Chris on 30 June 2021