Path improvements!

One of the subjects that users of the wood have complained about for many years is the state of the paths in wet weather, especially in the winter.  Some become virtually impassable. The Friends of Oakley Wood have frequently  petitioned WDC for improvements, but cost has always been given as the reason why it was not possible. Still, we persisted.

Well, good news. Income from sale of the timber harvested  from the recent thinning operations has been ring-fenced for the benefit of the wood, as we were assured it would. This money is to be used to pay for improvements to the main path network and will undoubtedly make walking in poor weather a much more pleasant experience. Well done WDC!

The full announcement can be read on WDC’s website here. Work is due to begin shortly and should take about a month. Posters have already been put up in the wood with further information about which paths will be affected.

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