Cryptic Woodland Quiz

At our last AGM the evening’s entertainment included a cryptic quiz about the wood to test your brain, devised by our Cathy Kennedy. We’re repeating it here for those who may have missed it. If you manage to answer correctly all 14 questions, send your name together with your answers to us via the website Contact Us page (or directly to the email address on that page), and I’ll publish the “winners” next month. No prizes I’m afraid.

All answers may be found/have been seen in the wood.

  1. An ear of wheat or barley? (5)
  2. Nagging (6)
  3. Othello with norovirus? (8)
  4. Forest rooster with a long beak (8)
  5. No sandcastles or Punch and Judy (5)
  6. Does this creature need a cox? (3,4)
  7. 2(egh) + od. (Anag) (8)
  8. An enthusiastic brick layer (6)
  9. I admire that domestic poultry (6)
  10. O no! Amend woe (anag) (4,7)
  11. Airborne range cooker piloted by Richard (3,6)
  12. This insect is a Triumph (4,6)
  13. The wily ones see awl (anag) (6)
  14. The first half of the fictional RN officer in a shaft of light (8)

Good luck!

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