Max enjoying Oakley Wood

Responsible dog walking

We’ve received a complaint of a dog entering one of the properties neighbouring the wood and attacking livestock.

Part of the attraction of Oakley Wood is that it’s a safe place for dogs to run around, but all dog walkers should be aware that they are in theory required to keep their dogs under control. This sounds like a bit of a contradiction; in practice this means that you shouldn’t let your dog be a nuisance, and in particular not let it enter neighbouring private land. So please take special care when walking near the cottages adjacent to the Banbury Road, opposite the Guide Dog Breeding Centre.

And while on the subject, it would be appreciated if dogs could be discouraged from swimming in the pond in the south west corner of the wood as they can cause some disruption to wildlife. At this time of year the pond contains frogspawn, and the trail camera which is sometimes nearby has picked up mallard and teal being chased out of the pond by dogs. I’m sure it’s no fun for them (the ducks that is!).

Thank you.

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