Spring walk

During the Spring Walk we saw Oakley Wood at its glowing best, sun lit, warm and vivid with bluebells. Approximately thirty three people met in the lower car park. Karl (from Warwickshire Wildlife) explained where he was going to take us, the timings and the nature trail hunt. He drew our attention to the brimstone and orange tip butterflies,and we learned that the female of the latter was all white.

Bluebell walkWe saw greater stichwort growing white amongst some of the blue bells and celandine, dog violets, wood anemones, wood sorrel and ajuga. Karl pointed out the hole in the base of the blue bell trumpet made by bees in order to extract their pollen. He also explained the difference between our native blue bell and the Spanish variety, the former having a pleasant smell, and some of its historic uses both herbal and practical.

We witnessed a dung beetle gradually moving some dog poo from the path, providing a good example of natural re cycling.

The walk returned us to the car park, perhaps a little later than planned due to several interesting discussion stops!

Liz Sheehan

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