Letter from Chair

Dear Members and fellow wood lovers

Thank you for reading this letter and I must admit to it being partly a plea for you to attend the members AGM on 3rd March.

Over the last year a great deal has happened in/to the wood and I would like to affirm to members that it is the committee’s continuing aim to keep it as natural and as untouched as possible but we understand the need for some ongoing work even if we don’t always like it ourselves.

We try to reflect what we think members are feeling in our dealings with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and the District Council—mainly that we all have a strong emotional attachment to the wood.

If there is anyone out there who has strong feelings do join us and become a committee member.

We are considering running a simple survey this year about what people want in the wood. There are going to be some interpretation boards which will be put up at the various entrances but it does beg the question about what else we need, if anything—way markers, seating etc. A simple survey will give us your views to pass on. Come to the AGM and let us know.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have been such a support over 2014 not only in the activities they have arranged but in their continued input to   meetings, their excellent ideas and much appreciated communication skills. They also have a bank of knowledgeable experts one of whom will be giving a talk on moths and butterflies at the AGM—another attraction, I hope, along with wine and nibbles.

I will certainly be making a plea for members to join WWT as for a very small yearly fee you get a great magazine and if you have children/Grandchildren (as I have) they also receive a superb magazine with lots of information and brilliant posters.

I hope to see you at the AGM.

Your Chair

Wendy Barlow

2 thoughts on “Letter from Chair”

  1. Hi, I have been walking my dog in the woods for four years and i know the woods needed thining and wood management but I am dismaid at the state of the paths and the general up keep of the woods. I feel that the only interest in the woods from third parties is how to take money from the wood and not for the walkers and general public..

    If you have ever tried to walk the woods in the last two – three year it’s impossible as the tracks are horrific and when works are undertaken none of the paths are repaired!

    Would you like to comment?? I doubt it. So given the fact that the vast majority of dog walkers now hate the woods I believe the strategy is to make them leave? Is this true?

    I for one would welcome a voice on the committee as I don’t understand how the woods can be so badly desimated over the last few years and nobody will repair the paths
    I await your response

    Rob Farquharson

    1. Dear Rob
      Have taken your points on board and understand much of your concern as a fellow dog walker.
      We have the title ‘Friends of Oakley Wood’ but have no real powers as the owners of the wood are Warwick District Council working with The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust .
      We do, however, try to gauge our member’s feelings and pass these on to WDC and the Trust. I will of course make sure they understand your views.
      The Friends have a full committee this year but please come along to next year’s AGM and state your case.
      Regards Wendy

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